About Us..

Manaswi Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO certified "Private Limited Company", whose main object is to provide Consultancy and Advisory Services in finance, taxation, international trade.

Time to We have a team which includes experts who have complete knowledge about the licensing process and various stream such as finance, taxation and also keep a complete track of the related laws and regulations. They check whether all the legal documents have been filed properly for the initiation of the process. Each of our team members is working in a responsive manner so as to deliver the best output. Each and every detail about the process is also provided to the client so that the client can have complete faith on us. Our staff provides courteous and prompt attention to all the minute details. All work is done to complete customer satisfaction.

Manaswi Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is a full service firm practising in areas of Tax, International Trade, Intellectual Property Rights and Corporate laws. The firm is acclaimed for its legal acumen and skill of its highly knowledgeable team of experts, attorneys and consultants. A well-knit team of professionals from across different practices work in tandem to ensure that every client is provided the best and most comprehensive service.

Who we Are

Manaswi Management Services Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian firm specializing in the areas of International Trade, Taxation, Intellectual Property and Corporate laws. The firm has its seven offices located across India in New Delhi, Mumbai, UP, Chennai and Ahmedabad. The firm is well-known for its high ethical standards, quality work and transparency in all its business dealings.

Documentation Work

We undertake proper documentation for the registration and licensing of the various industries whether small scale or large scale. Each and every particular related to the industry is kept as a record and is also properly analyzed so that the documents prepared are appropriate and authentic.All the documents are legal and are in compliance with the various acts and procedures laid down.

Our Clients

Concentrating on customer's needs, we cater to the requirements of various industries. Our clients have complete faith and trust on us regarding the timely delivery and premium quality of our services. Knowing what it requires for establishing a good will, we have focused on those aspects which are essential for making our name a brand in the global arena. Our clients repeatedly come to us as they know that their queries will be handled with same intensity


"We are very pleased to outsource our entire finance function to MSIL. We have found their support services to be dependable, friendly and open. Their emphasis on timely tax compliance is exactly what we were looking out for. Thank you for meeting our requirements. Keep doing it!"
Dr. Basant Rajan

"MSIL has enabled us to focus on our core activities and objectives. We do not have to bother about tax compliances and laws.We are rest assured this segment is taken care of intelligently and diligently."
Mr. Nilesh Chavan

We very much appreciate your services of book-keeping, payroll and taxation for our company"
Mr. Gaspard De Bordas