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Financial & Corporate Advisory Services

Commercial Law Services
Commercial law services ensure that businesses from around the globe set their base in India and carry on operations on a day to day basis. Compliance's are made in various law domains like Companies Act, Foreign Exchange Management Act, Income Tax, Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements, Service Tax, Contract Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Registration Act, etc for business' ease and growth in India. Through such services, clients are assisted to get permissions, licenses, authorizations prescribed under different enactments.

Merger and Acquisition Services
Merger and Acquisition services take care of business' growth and ensure smooth running of it. Long-term profitability for business is ensured once merger and acquisition takes place. We are right here to support the cause of a business to deal with various issues and intricacies while it merges or takes over another company. We support with our strategic planning services, due diligence, post-sale integration and various other Merger and Acquisition issues.

Legal Advisory Services
Legal advisory services and consultancy services are offered to save clients from any legal hassles. Such services help clients enormously through legal associates, lawyers and industry specific consultants. Either personal or professional or corporate, all matters are dealt with our legal advisory services which stay clients away from getting into any legal troubles. Legal issues and matters are analyzed and then the services are advised to take care of clients' diverse needs.